Troubleshoot the Outlook PST Errors in a Facile Manner

Troubleshoot the Outlook PST Errors in a Facile Manner


Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email messaging tool utilized by a huge number of computer proprietors throughout the world. In Outlook, every piece of user’s mailbox data store and save into PST, or Personal Storage Table, files. An expanding number of users are settling on the most recent rendition, Outlook 2010, in light of the fact that it is commonly consistent trustworthy, however, file corruption can still occur with this version, clients still wind up experiencing Outlook PST error messages, particularly during startup

What Causes An Outlook PST Error?

A PST file can become corrupted for various reasons, including interruption of a virus on the host server, inappropriate system shutdown, or unintentional deletion of data when there is a corrupted Outlook file, the user’s mailbox can become inaccessible. If this happens, there are different error messages that might be shown, like: “Outlook.pst inaccessible." Alternatively, the message could peruse: “File Pathfilename.pst couldn't be gotten to, data mistake." An Outlook recuperation apparatus will be required to recoup the records.

Another conceivable message may be "abc.pst has shown when PST file achieved size breaking point." This will be on the grounds that prior forms of Outlook confined the maximum file size to 2GB, Hence, files from these versions could become corrupted as they reached to its limit. To manage this, it should be conceivable to get to the fix tool scanpst.exe by Search function in the Start menu and utilize this to fix the files.

Common Outlook Error Messages

A very basic Outlook PST error message is ".PST isn't compatible with this variant of the Personal Folders," which happens when a user endeavors to import a PST document from a prior version which supported the ANSI format, into the latest versions which support Unicode. If the corrupted Outlook file supports ANSI, you can make another ANSI format in the later version of Outlook, and utilize the import/export wizard to transfer the data from the PST file debased to the new file.

In Outlook 2003 or 2007, a message may appear when you try to initiate the program is “The file drive: filename.pst could not be found,” means that you are unable to get access to your current PST files. This might be a symbol of a corrupted Outlook file, or it could be because the server is temporarily unreachable. If you frequently receive these error messages, it indicates that PST file is corrupted or become inaccessible. If exploitation is the source, you should use scanpst.exe, or if this does not solve the problem, go for the Outlook PST repair software.

Outlook PST repair software is a best and speedy way to recover the corrupted files. This tool is loaded with extravagant features which give instant and reliable recovery of the file. This tool is highly proficient to remove all type of error code on Outlook and easily supported with every version of Outlook such as 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. It allows users to convert the file into various formats.

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